managing complexity for success

Australian Staff

20160817_Geraldine.jpgGeraldine McGuire – Managing Director

Geraldine has specialised in working on complex projects balancing economic, environmental and social aspects to find sustainable solutions. With over 20 years in industry, Geraldine has extensive experience in impact assessment, stakeholder engagement, community development, environmental management, auditing, and workshop facilitation involving large teams of professionals, contractors and Indigenous peoples. She liaises regularly with private companies, community groups, government representatives and non-government organisations throughout Australia, Asia and the Pacific. Geraldine is committed to the empowerment of Indigenous groups and poverty alleviation of remote and regional communities through effective sustainable development and sound environmental management.

20161116_athy_resize.jpgAtherton Nye – Director and Community Advisor

Athy has specialised in empowering developing communities in tropical environments. His expertise is in community development and consultation, stakeholder engagement, eco-tourism and rural development projects. His Australian and international experience includes development projects in agriculture, animal husbandry, eco-tourism and conservation. He has provided consultancy services to rural and coastal Australian Aboriginal communities (Gingara, Mossman, Napranum, Umagico), organisations for urban and rural disadvantaged youth, and Indonesian ethnic communities (Dayak, Bugis and Banjarese).

20160817_Dan.jpgDaniel Keane– Principal Consultant

Daniel has many years experience in working on technical surveys, GIS data collection, data analysis, development and delivery of environmental management plans. Daniel has worked extensively throughout Queensland and the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. His clients have included large private companies, government departments, non-government organisations and land holders. His technical experience includes tropical botany and ecology, landscape restoration and restoration research, use of GPS and GIS software, water quality management, quantitative experimental design and analysis.

20160817_Priti.jpgPriti Mahajan - Senior Consultant

Priti has diverse work experience in the field of Environment, Health and Safety across India and in Australia. Priti is experienced in stakeholder engagement, health and safety management, risk analysis, incident management, environmental management, auditing (qualified Principal Auditor), impact assessment, and workshop facilitation. Priti has worked with large teams of industry and corporate professionals, contractual staff, government representatives and Indigenous peoples. She is committed to use her skills and knowledge towards creating sustainable developments.

20160817_Sam.jpgSam Patterson – Senior Consultant

Sam has worked on projects in Africa, tropical Australia, Europe and Greenland. His experience includes multinational mining corporations as well as small single mine organisations. Sam is a qualified engineer with capabilities in both closure and operational phases of mining as well as surface water management, waste dump design, bulk earthworks scheduling and mine planning. Sam is proficient with Surpac, Deswik, and Vulcan CAD software with technical expertise in the planning of open pit and underground operations. He has practical skills in heavy equipment operation and experience in optimising production and rehabilitation schedules. Sam is committed to developing and implementing innovative multi-discipline and cost-effective solutions for project life-cycles from start-up through to closure.

Ana.jpgAna Palma – Senior Consultant

Ana has a PhD in which the focus of her research was the natural recovery of forests after human disturbance. Ana also holds a Masters and a Bachelor degree in Biology and is interested in ecology, conservation, education and in the multiple challenges of sustainable development. Originally from Columbia, Ana has spent several years working as a researcher in tropical forests around the world. This experience has taught Ana about the different challenges conservation and sustainable development face; the need to educate people and to bring together science and communities to achieve sustainable goals and development. Ana has a passion to share knowledge and solve environmental problems.

20160817_Natalie.jpgNatalie Foster - Senior Consultant

Natalie has always been committed to land care and supporting the principles of sustainability. Natalie has tertiary qualifications in environmental management, strong administration and communication skills and has worked on a variety of environmental and arts projects. She has written and implemented policy, management plans and grants and liaised with many relevant areas within organisations and across the broader community.

20160817_Lisa.jpgLisa Nation – Financial Manager

Lisa is a qualified book-keeper with a Diploma of Accounting; a Business Activity Statement (BAS) Agent with the Australian Taxation Office; and a member of the Institute of Certified Book-keepers. She is an independent contractor and has been operating her own bookkeeping business since 2003 while managing a partnership with her husband in the construction industry. She has undertaken book-keeping services for numerous businesses and been office manager for a large earthmoving company

Indonesian Staff

Cornelia Tului

Cornelia has specialist experience working with multi-stakeholder groups, facilitating consultation processes and managing community projects. With 18 years of Indonesian mining industry experience, Cornelia has successfully co-ordinated complex stakeholder engagement processes to ensure sustainable outcomes and has project managed a number of high profile community development projects involving community, government and industry representatives. She liaises regularly with diverse stakeholders and has a rare talent for ensuring that all stakeholders are included and valued in the process.

Elly Martyasrini

Elly has over 22 years experience in mining and Health, Safety and Environment work. Her consultant
work experience includes developing environmental impact assessments (Amdal studies) as a leader, developing environmental management and monitoring systems, and also reporting, training, inspection and auditing, preparing mine closure steering committee programs and government and community liaison. During consultancy work, Elly incorporated social aspects into her environmental work, particularly related to Environmental and Social programs, and has been involved in developing Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and programs. She has also regularly provided presentations to Universities about Mining, Environment and Communities.