managing complexity for success

Stakeholder Analysis and Engagement

Developing a clear understanding of relevant stakeholders and their ability to influence development decisions is a critical starting point for a successful project.

Our experience will guide your project team through this analysis and ensure that they develop skills to optimise the engagement outcomes.


Our approach

Gender and Cultural Sensitivity

Integrating gender and cultural considerations into engagement and consultation processes from the outset helps ensure that all project issues can be raised in a safe environment and appropriate management strategies developed. We provide advice on strategies and approaches to overcome language barriers and enable gender balance and the participation of minority groups.

Communication and Negotiation Skills

We have the experience to engage stakeholders who have been alienated by a project and the skills to open up communication pathways to incorporate their concerns and needs into the project. We are able to provide advice on appropriate mechanisms for negotiation and can facilitate the negotiation process in collaboration with our client.


Our experience includes

Women in Mining, Papua New Guinea

Our team presented a paper, facilitated sessions and prepared the Outcomes Report for this milestone event. We were subsequently engaged by World Bank Genfund to work with the local team to assess the status of women at five mine sites in PNG.

Gender Resource Guide, Rio Tinto

We contributed to the scoping, development and review of a toolkit for community practitioners to integrate gender equity into global mining projects.

Social Mitigation Taskforce, Sepon Gold & Copper Mine, Lao PDR

We coordinated and facilitated a social mitigation taskforce to consider the community impacts of the mine and devise sustainable mitigation strategies for expanding mine development.

Public Area Feasibility Study, Australia

We coordinated a comprehensive community consultation process, devised sustainability selection criteria and conducted an options analysis for a complex local shire feasibility study of alternative uses for public land.

Rio Tinto Alcan, Weipa Australia

We assisted our client to establish a reference group and implement an ongoing program of community consultation meetings to ensure that the operation of the bauxite mine and community support activities were aligned with the aspirations and needs of the community and the company.