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Capacity Building – Public Sector

To influence project approvals, ongoing management and closure options, you need to be able to assess project reports and documentation, understand development impacts and opportunities, and communicate effectively.

We provide a range of training materials and communication strategies to empower you to understand project documentation and liaise successfully with developers. Effective participation of community groups and government representatives in the planning, approval and implementation of projects is essential to achieving positive, long term outcomes for all stakeholders.


Our approach

Industry Experience

We have written and reviewed social and environmental impact assessments, statements and management plans as well as specialist reports on technical mining issues. Using this experience, we can assist you to assess project reports and documentation, and interpret relevant laws and regulations.

Thorough Understanding

To successfully consider the social and environmental impacts of a project, you need to be able to understand the process of exploration and feasibility studies, impact assessment, government approval, operation, closure and relinquishment. We can explain technical issues and specialist language which may be unfamiliar to you. Developing a greater capacity to understand the project allows you to assess information and participate in consultation more effectively.

Technical and Engagement Skills

We design and provide training on a range of topics related to integrating social and environmental issues into the design and management of a project. We empower you by transferring skills and knowledge to increase your capacity to participate in the impact assessment process, long term project planning and day-to-day project management and monitoring.


Our experience includes:

Australian Agricultural College Corporation, Australia

We have delivered training courses in Conservation and Land Management for students undertaking Certificate 2, Certificate 3 and Diploma level studies. Courses covered the collection of natural and cultural resource information and development of resource management plans.

Walsh River and Herberton Town Communities - Baal Gammon Copper mine, Australia

We provided training to community members to collect and record water monitoring data to use in negotiations with the mining company over management of the tailing dam.

Language Retrieval Project

We worked with Traditional Owners and Elders to record and disseminate written records of the Tablelands Yidinji and Mbarbarum languages.

Capacity Building (public) Brochure