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Technical Review and Analysis of Documents

Reading through the often voluminous technical assessment and management documentation associated with project proposals can be a daunting task. We work with you to provide clear summaries of technical information so you can participate more effectively in the review, approval and management of developments. 

We also provide stakeholders with plain English summaries, explanations and analyses of project documentation such as Environmental Impact Assessments, Management Plans and technical reports.


Our approach

Benefit from our industry experience

Our industry experience means we have the technical expertise to review reports written for and on behalf of developers and to explain the potential impacts of projects and the technical solutions being proposed.

Communication is the key

Technical language often makes it difficult for people outside the field to interpret specialist studies. We can assist you to understand the issues, leading to more informed communication with the project developer.

Capacity Building

We empower you by transferring skills and knowledge to increase your capacity for meaningful involvement in the development consultation and approval process. This includes assisting you to interpret project documentation and facilitating access to specialists for additional advice.


Our experience includes:

Aurukun Shire Council – Aurukun Bauxite Proposal, Australia

We reviewed documentation for a bauxite proposal near Aurukun and presented a summary of issues to the Council to assist them in negotiating with potential proponents of a new proposal. We also assisted at meetings between the Council and the proponents to explain the environmental and social implications of the various proposals.

Walsh River and Herberton Town Communities - Baal Gammon Copper mine, Australia

We reviewed reports on technical problems associated with the tailing dam for community members living downstream of the dam; assisted community members to collect water monitoring data; and provided technical advice throughout negotiations with the mining company.

Eacham Shire Council - Local land development, Australia

We reviewed a feasibility study for alternative uses of public land in the Eacham Shire and designed sustainability selection criteria to allow the Council to conduct an options analysis of the proposals.

We have also provided advice to:

  • Local villagers and Indonesian Government - Kelian Gold Mine - East Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Local landholders - Ok Tedi, Lihir, Porgera, Kianatu - Papua New Guinea
  • Local villagers and Government of Lao PDR - Sepon Gold and Copper Operations - Vilabouly, Lao PDR
Technical Review and Analysis of Documents Brochure