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We strive to maximise the social, environmental and economic benefits of each project while minimising risks.

Through our skilled team of scientists and consultants, our services are designed to help our clients reach their sustainability targets.

Our field-based project experience enables us to develop practical solutions that can realistically be implemented by managers and operational staff, as well as meeting legislative requirements. We provide support and mentoring to project teams to help them meet their government compliance and corporate obligations.

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We provide tailored services to two client groups:

Private sector clients

  • Mining
  • Oil and Gas
  • Transport
  • Renewable Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Ecotourism


Private sector services

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Green Star / ISCA ratings 
  • Decarbonisation studies  
  • Post-mining land use studies
  • Regenerative agriculture consulting 
  • Native foods orchard design and consulting  
  • Project reviews and gap analysis
  • Stakeholder analysis and engagement
  • Environmental & social management plans
  • Social advice and studies
  • Environmental advice and studies
  • Closure and rehabilitation planning
  • Capacity building 

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Lao Public Consultation

Public Sector Clients

Stakeholder groups and organisations involved with resource or industrial developments and infrastructure


Public Sector Services

  • Abandoned mine strategic advisory services 
  • Technical Review & Analysis of Project Documentation
  • Stakeholder Support and Strategic Advice
  • Capacity Building for Public Sector

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